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July 2011



Senior cabin, 1960





July 2011





Lillis A. Hull (Miss Lee) was born in Valley Falls, NY in 1910. She studied at the Sargent School in Boston, Massachusetts, and obtained a B.S. in Physical Education from New York University. She completed a Master of Science in Health Education in 1941 from NYU. In 1934 she began working as a supervisor of physical education in the elementary schools in Westfield, New Jersey, where she taught and was active for the next fifty years. During World War II she travelled to England as a Recreation Supervisor for the American Red Cross. Lillis Hull worked tirelessly for the benefit of young children and their good health, and created many programs for that purpose. She ran Camp Blaisdell during the summers from 1946 until 1972. During the decade of the ‘70s she ran Special Olympics in Westfield and the surrounding area of New Jersey. Miss Hull served on the Westfield school board from 1981 to 1984. She died at age 83 on December 27, 1993.


Charlotte Fenstermaker (Miss Char) was born in Bucyrus, Ohio. She graduated from Red Wing public schools in Red Wing, Minnesota and Cornell College in Mt Vernon, Iowa. In 1949 she began working as a secretary at the McKinley school. In 1958 Charlotte Fenstermaker was appointed assistant to the supervisor of cafeterias. She served as co-director of the Camp Blaisdell until her death in 1972.


Camp Blaisdell started in 1946 and closed in 1972.


Camp Blaisdell Banner




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