Each year campers in every cabin wrote a song.  A contest was held to determine the best song. The winning song joined the Camp Blaisdell’s song collection.

We sang other songs besides the ones we wrote —Peace, Far Northland, Kookaburra, Witchcraft, Father Time, Each Campfire Lights Anew, Top of the Mountain, Green Grow the Rushes Ho and the graces. And at the end of an evening activity: Now The Day Is Over, and Taps

Click on the song titles to see the lyrics.

The Ash Grove

The B in Blaisdell

Breezes blow

The Call of the Fire


Close by our two lake shores

Each campfire lights anew

The Far Northland

Father Time

Gather Round


High on a hill we stand

Jewel Song


Nestled on a Lake So Blue

Now the day is over


Peppiest Camp We Know

The peppiest camp you ever did see


Short girls, tall girls

Slap Bang


Tell Me Why

Top of the Mountain

When a camp is born

White Coral Bells

White Wings


Year Song

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