Having Fun

September 4, 2011 in Photos


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Waterskiing stunts










water slide



Camper counselor day


camper counselor dayCamper Counselor Days



water play






counselor show 1962






getting set to lift someone on a parachute



girl power



Many of the photos on this page are courtesy of Denise Hamrah Yatrakis and Meg Jones Ames.




2 responses to Having Fun

  1. It’s so much fun to look at all these old photos and remember such good times at Blaisdell!
    Thank you Carolyn, and Nancy, for creating this site!!

    • I think I have a very similar picture from of the girls sliding into the water at Blaisdell. I think that the counselor in the picture was Miss Rachael. I must have been there around that time as she looked just like I remembered her. Miss Hoppy was blowing reveille and Miss Shari was one of our cabin counselors. It was great fun.

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