Candles, Wishes and Memories

September 7, 2011 in Photos


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Miss Lee 1957 Assembly

Miss Lee at morning assembly, 1957



staff, 1962

Staff, 1962



Ella and Mrs. E

Ella and Mrs. E.






bill for camp



lines of girls





joining the inner circle

Selected for the inner circle.



said at the inner circle

Said during the inner circle.






floating candles and wishes

Floating candles and wishes after the last night banquet.



road to archery field

The B in Blaisdell is for beauty,
L for lots of fun.
A is for each activity,
and I for inspiration.
S is for our sportsmanship,
D for days of joy,
E for every camper,
and double LL for lasting love.



Many of the photos on this page are courtesy of Denise Hamrah Yatrakis and Meg Jones Ames.
Memorabilia is from Denise Hamrah Yatrakis.


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